Friday, October 12, 2007

Stupid Palestinians

We don't have any money for infra structure
But here's 25 thousand if your kids blow themselves up
We don't have any money for schools and hospitals
But here's some more banners and guns to be corrupt

We don't have any money for roads and homes
But here's some more rockets to Kill Israeli kids
We don't have any more money for food and clothes
But Hamas is collecting souls for Allah with real cheap bids

Stupid Palestinians

Can't even tell whose playin them for fools
Can't see the outrage and open Alli Baba graft
They keep thinkin the squeeky wheel gets the grease
But really all they get's

The shaft



The rest of the Arab Community
Who think that they are above rebuke
Who think think they'll usher in a Calliphate
By helpin every proxy act of war sponsored by

Iran's Princely Persian pukes

10:52 pm
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shekissesfrogs said...

The IDF grabbed 2 kids age 13 and tortured them, hooking ones face up to an electric heater. They went unpunished. 300 Olive trees are being uprooted this week in the West Bank. The village was 50% destroyed by wall construction a few weeks ago, a mile inside of the 67 armistice lines. 230 remaining people have been told to move by next week to the other side of the wall with their cattle and sheep, to join the others from the same village. They have had all of thier property taken from them, without any form of renumeration. The entire village will be homeless, no water source, no electricity, no schools, their orchards and animal pastures, deprived of their way of life- (how they make a living).
New building permits are required by the occupiers, costing near $30,000.00 US, can take more than than a year to be issued, if at all, and if they can afford them. One thing is for sure; Any type of makeshift structure they build to replace their destroyed home, if it resembles permanence it will be bulldozed in short order, possibly containing people.
These people are farmers, they aren't Iranians, Syrians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians or terrorists. They had a thriving agrarian economy but it has been systematically destroyed, along with their education system. They are families, toddlers, little kids, old people, Soon to be exposed to the elements. That one meal a day most of them have been struggling to get will now become even harder to manage.
Yeah, those stupid Palestinians. Having to ethnically cleanse the land of it's inhabitants sure gets to be a pain in the ass, and those massacres sure don't do the reputation any good, but with the annihilate a reporter, or bomb a red-cresent ambulance a month program, they have attempted progress, at least. It's easier to deal with the personal feelings of guilt, since demonizing them, and painting themselves as victims has become engrained into the israeli psyche and self deception occurs en-masse.
How did you become so hateful? Do you know the real history of these people who came to be dominated by terrorists? Stop reading the zionist websites and explore some credible history sources. Have you ever seen this tragedy for yourself? Six months and I'll bet these people begin to starve to death, but judging by your rhetoric you should seek out a front row seat where you can relish it.

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