Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kill whitey

Kill whitey

Let's get six of us together
And stomp him to the ground
And then after all our bros show up
All you'll hear are the sounds

Of how we're all the victims
We're the famous Jena six
Jesse and Al will be there
Of course with their usual tricks

With plenty of company in tow
To descend on this small town
Thousands will mob the streets
And shut every business down

The media will support us
And keep hidden our past crimes
We've got those cameras focused
On just what we want this time

Kill whitey

We can do anything we want
And the odds are very good
That we will get away with it
Because we've been misunderstood

There will never be any lynchings
There will never be any long range shots
Because we are black and beautiful
And the perpetrator will be caught

Only we get away with it now
Because now it's our pay back time
We've got apologists on our side
Yes suhhh civil rights are doin fine

At least for us
We've got nothing to fear
There will be no consequences anymore
We've made that perfectly clear


Kill whitey

He's the only one who can be racist
He's the only troll that lives under the bridge
You can burn them like they did at Waco
You can kill him like they did at Ruby Ridge

OJ is innocent
And Michael Vick is only immature
There is no sickness anywhere
That rap crap thug life won't cure

Don't worry about personal responsibility
It'll be too late before they catch on
Just keep workin those easy marks
And using their stupid self inflicted guilt

To make them pawns


Till every blonde girl is a trophy
Till every blue eyed child is taught the lie
That he doesn't come from an honorable tribe
That unity for him must mean he dies

They'll buy into that fairness con every time
They'll bow and scrape to look like they're cool
And if that doesn't work just guerrilla past them
Play that race card on those cowering fools

Kill whitey

Kill him fast
Kill him slow
Kill his pride
Or any kind of truth he knows

He’ll never resist
We’ve got him down he’s lost his way
He’s forgotten how to strike and get away with it
And live to fight another day

12:06 am
transcribed this time
12:24 am


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