Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stupid Dog's son

Stupid Dog's son sold him out
Set him up and baited him in
It's as old as the ancients and ages
It's as old as the wages of sin

Honor thy mother and father
Listen to them in the darkest of times
The journey is long and hard enough
It is a rocky and difficult climb

Sharper than a serpents tooth
Deeper than the cut of a knife
When the betrayal is by one
You've loved your whole life

For a few pieces of silver
For petty revenge and pride
Willing to enter into the foulest pit
And let a succubus take you for a ride

What is that you are willing to do
And what is it you are doing it for
It's hard to maintain the fight for right and light
And sleazy easy always keeps an open door

But what is there else to achieve
What else is there to believe
Family may argue and disagree
But should not plot to deliberately deceive

Stupid dog's son has made it hard
For his mother and sisters and brothers
He's opened them to unprincipled opportunists
As well as ignorant apologists and a host of others

Tucker you ignorant punk assed bitch
Now look what you've gone and done
You must have had to work-over over time
To turn your heart that cold and numb

9:28 am
transcribed this time
9:33 am



Anonymous said...

What a vicious bitch his son is. PUT DOG BACK ON! Dammit!

Now watch Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson step in ... riot rousers!

Thanks for writing this.

neilsthepoet said...

Right on!!!....put DOG back on!

Excellent idea, I'm writting A&E right now.

8:40 am

Anonymous said...

Send A&E your poem. :)