Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann is an edge runner

She is going to take chances
We are all in a war for our lives
And all the cry babies have to offer
Is conversation that is contrived

Certain people always cry foul
Amongst losers victim's dictums rule
And any who sells her out to them
Is a collaborator miscreant and a fool

Our nation is being given to Mexico
We're fancy dancing around Iran
The budget is out of control
It's like they giving it away as fast

As they can

Islam hits the streets for cartoons
They don't care about truth or facts
Notice how quiet they are when
Throats are being cut

It's as simple as that

The Saudis get to build skyscrapers
Because they happen to have oil
The Wahhabi are insane and the
Royal princes are self indulgently spoiled

France loves Muslims
And gets their cars burned every night
Hugo Chavez reads Numb Chumpsky
Which of those dim bulbs radiates light

Ted Kennedy is a drunk and a murderer
The left are out and out insane
They're always outraged and insulted
That's their mindless game

Oh but don't say faggot
Don't say queer
Just let them run the Boy Scouts
Let them indoctrinate school children

It's all not real clear

Civilization is at stake
And I'm choosing sides
Vikings stand by their Valkyries

There ain't no easy ride

9:24 pm
Sometimes people just can't take a joke
I'll put the exact words she said at her
speaking engagement here....a bit later
transcribed this time
8:56 am


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading what her exact words were at her speaking engagement. You're right, she is an edge runner. :)