Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That's It....I've had enough

Bush is apologizing for firing his own employees
The US attorney generals Clinton fired all ninety-three
He's got the troops driving up and down gauntlets
Getting their legs blown off up to their knees

Must be those pesky rules of engagement
Must be having to get along with psycho Iran
Must be that he's such good friends with Mexico
He's forgotten how to be a man

Hey this is our nation and it's got borders
This is our sacred sovereign home land
And Bush is letting Johnny Sutton run around loose
Neither of which is acting like much of an American

Scooter Libby is in jail by virtue of a perjury trap
Border agents are convicted and in jail
One so far has been viciously assaulted
How much more can Bush miserably fail

Why aren't Mosques blown to smitereens
When even one shot comes at one of our guys
How much of this Muslim holiness does the
Blood of our warriors have to buy

Why is gas so damned expensive
Like what they don't owe us a good deal
Arab Sheiks Mad Mullahs and their Jihadist
Are the Ali Babas are the thieves who lie

Cheat murder and steal

And What in the Hell are the Royal Marines
Doing being captured by the idiot Persian squad
Never give up your weapon never surrender
Swing your sword like it's in the hand that serves

The wrath of God

That's it.............I've had enough
If you're not for me
I'm damn sure not for you
Nobody takes my freedom and

Sells me into slavery

10:52 pm


Repack Rider said...

George W. Bush is the most corrupt, incompetent president in our history.

Every time Congress turns over another rock, more GOP corruption oozes out. There is so much to investigate, and only a couple of years to do it.

It's amusing to hear Republicans complain about frivolous investigations after a GOP Congress spent five years and $65M investigating Whitewater.

Here is what the New York Times said about the final report from the Whitewater Special Prosecutor: "Robert W. Ray, the last occupant of the office of independent counsel for Whitewater matters, said in the 2,090-page report that the Clintons' principal business partner in the Whitewater land development scheme in Arkansas, James B. McDougal, had committed several acts of fraud, but that there was no credible evidence that the Clintons either knew of or participated in those acts."

Five years. $65 million. Nothing there. I don't want to hear ANOTHER WORD about "fishing expeditions."

neilsthepoet said...

Yeah yeah yeah

Blah blah blah

12:12 pm