Friday, October 23, 2009

Hate Crime Legislation

It's not for the gays
It's against the white males
It's not for the minorities
Although they're portrayed as frail

It's not for the women
It's against the evil white man
Who has always been an oppressor
And everybody should do what they can

To make sure he pays
Pays with his money and life
If a white man dares to fight back
He might as well being using a knife

Or a gun or a crowbar
He should be presumed guilty as Hell
He should be put in the graveyard of History
And buried with the liberty bell

Black men are more valuable
Divirsity is the key
Brown men are more valuable
That's the way it should be

Hate crime legislation
Is another bureacratic tool
To manipulate the hate
And is meant to control the fools

Who can't see it for what it is
I don't need apologetic twits
Falling to their knees
And groveling as a way to fit

Fit in with the darkness
The mudslide coming down
Grab your ankles and grin
There's a new sheriff in town

And he's just obeying orders
He's just doing what he's told
And basic honor and integrity
Are just something to be sold

Here come the prosecutors
Like they're not already out of control
Like they're not political officers
Whose passion has gone deliberately cold

Hate Crime Legislation

It's not about who it's for
It's about who it's against
But if it's coming down to choosing sides
I'm not one to be

Sitting on the fence

12:33 pm
transcribed this time
12:36 pm


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