Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Legal Lies the illegals

Legalize the Illegals

Legal lies and the illegals
It's as easy as pie
The white man is a joke
It's in the beholders eye

La Raza and drug cartels
Chicago and corruption
Try to find your liberty
And they'll call it racist disruption

Slur you with innuendo
Cut your feet out from under
Acorn caught in the open
It's all individual blunder

They are not organized
But tell it to a Czar
Contribute to your own defeat
Buy a Government car

Taking over Health Care
Took over the banks
Setting individual wages
You should just say thanks

They would never kill you
They aren't killing you now
The rules of engagement
Never apply to them somehow

Always be the peaceful one
Lay down in the street
Die politely and quietly
Always try to be discreet

Laugh at your own destruction
The suicide switch is on
Stand there looking amazed
When one day all of it is gone

They don't really want to crush you
They're not really on the attack
Just be happy in the knowing
That you never fought back

You never fired a shot in anger
You never ever struck a blow
Where is the edge of too late
And how is it that we know

10:35 am
transcribed this time
9:18 am


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