Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Man who would kill the American Dream

I Hate Obama

I hate him and his ideas
I hate his radical psycho friends
I hate his false front smile
And the way he always pretends

Like he cares as he reaches
For our wallet and money
He sure seems to think he's got
The ability to charm and be funny

But it's always at our expense
He's taken over cars and banks
He's trying to neuter the CIA
And he doesn't even say thanks

When he runs up the debt
Beyond even the wildest dreams
Of all his Acorn Seiu Cronies
And all their mad socialist schemes

He's got death panels galore
The elderly just better take a pill
Because it's better for what he wants
He never seems to get his fill

Mark Holder and Van Jones
Are Oba Mamma's kind of guys
There's nothing they won't do
No low life thing they won't try

He wants you to report your friends
He digs the Illegal Alien Invasion
He thinks his phony smile and teleprompter
Are the keys to real persuasion

He's the darkness in the basement
He's the blood splattered on the wall
He's the knife on the kitchen floor
He's the shadow moving down the hall

Real Americans are waking up
And going to townhall meetings
But all he sees is discontent and
The lambs to slaughter bleeting

This man will not give up
His kind do not quit what they start
He's going to push it till it breaks
And that goes for you your family

And your friends' Hearts

10:10 am
transcribed this time
10:15 am


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