Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eternal vigilgence..

Eternal vigilgence..

Thank you for your time and work
Thank you for your dedication
It is good to see the efforts
Of a patriot of this nation

Your research is not easy
But necessary as Hell
But then that's the way it goes
When you're ringing freedom's bell

The daylight's shining down
The truth shall out
Resolve and perseveance
Will burn away the doubt

And leave us all standing
Beneath a bright blue sky
With the reward of a soul
That survived the attacks

Made by a pack of lies

Thank you for your dilligence
Your love and integrity
Your honor and sacrifice
Your fidelity to being free

9:08 am
written for the work done
by a Jihad Watcher who got
momentarily shut down on facebook
but she's back now..Endure and
and push on fellow
patriots..check out Iris Mentus
and/or...Jarrad on face book
for critical info on the undermining
influence of Muslim culture.


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