Monday, February 28, 2011

My response on Obama's latest political jab

You've got a lot of nerve

While giving parties
As the world burns
While lecturing us endlessly
Like you've got nothing to learn

We're in two wars and you
You're pushin the agenda of the gay
And while the Middle East convulses
You've got nothing basically to say

You won't secure the border
You're incompetant beyond belief
You don't care about our citizens
You don't care about their pain and grief

You encourage chaos in Wisconsin
You haven't met a single union thug
You wouldn't back up no matter what
You wouldn't want to give money and a hug

You spend all our money like it was yours
Like their never will be a consequence
You don't respect our fighting men
Because to you America isn't really worthy

Of any kind of defense

You're a socialist slash communist
And that's not a passing remark
You're something that's climbed up
Out of the Chicago

Slime crime and dark

8:02 pm
I'd like to see an opponent rise in opposition
to Obama's wise ass attitude and selfish
self entitled smug comments


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