Thursday, February 24, 2011

While the world burns

It's time to get down with Mo Town
No more visas from the Middle East
Another student and a weapon of mass destruction
While Obama and Michelle party with the Beast

Daffy Ghadafi gave direct orders to the terrorist
To bring down the Lockerbie plane
The Lybian leader praised the boy child
And joyously proclaimed the new Muslim Reign

Us oil is going through the roof
Gas is going to go sky high
Grifters and con men have all the access
And contest each other to tell the biggest lie

Socialism and Communism is rising up
Soros is directing the symphony of the mad
The Main scream media lays down cover
As morals and values are discussed as fads

Wrecking balls are swinging
On America's basic foundation
The single most corrupt regime
Has no love at all for our nation

The US Navy can't evacuate American citizens
Because it's Barry Gordy's day
The US Navy can't shoot pirates
But at least the first couple is having a good day

We've gone from Camelot to Bamalot
Air Farce One is landing
Everybody is told to eat carrots
While ribs Michells oh Hell is demanding

Black History month is on
But there'll be no pictures tonight
Everybody tighten your belts
The world is burning the world is burning

And doesn't it make such a pretty sight

7:43 pm
transcribed this time
7:47 pm


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