Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another useful idiot

Another lost child
Another youthful soul
Brought down and defiled

By the inability
To differentiate
Between divine love
And evil conniving hate

Today we bear witness to
The foolish foolish young
Whose vision has been blurred
By the Serpents tongue

What words of praise
Were uttered her way
What conniving lies
Brought the dark to her day

Usually it's quite simple
Usually it's the same old canard
All they have to do is play
That Holy Victim card

And then everything is excused
The Kassans rocketing in
Indiscriminate death and misery
What ...suddenly don't appear as sin

School buses being bombed
The Fogel family murdered at night
How is that every justified
How does that ever become right

Except in the mind of the brainwashed
How does one become so naive
That suicide vests are the way to attest
To how much a believer believes

11:54 am
transcribed this time
11:56 sm


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