Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake Up America

Wake up

America needs every
Man woman and child
To protect our nation
From those who would defile

Our liberty and freedom
Our very way of life
There are those who would
Cut our throats with a knife

Blow up our school buses
Bring about Sharia Law
Seventh Century Monsters
Think Infidels all have a fatal flaw

We are not dead
We believe in women being respected
Witness Egypt demeaning them
By quote having their virginity inspected

Crazy is Crazy
And Islam is pushing hard
In their religion it is ok to lie
Cheat deceive to use any canard

To get their way
To bring about the Caliphate
To Hell with your fundamental principals
Let's bring on the reign of hate

Wake up America

America needs every
Man woman and child
We must take our stand
Against all that is evil and vile

1:34 pm
transcribed this time
1:44 pm



mud rooster said...

great following neils

mud rooster said...

great following neils, you're practically a keats

Anonymous said...

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