Friday, March 04, 2011

Eric Holder: Black Panther case demeans my people

Eric Richard Holder is a punk

Is a race card player
And a hustler delux
When you need BS
He ships it in with a truck

A dump truck
To be specific in discription
He doesn't speak in code
He doesn't speak in encryption

He hates America and thinks
It's only his people that have rights
He knows all about wrong
Mainly that it's color is white

He's a scum bag and hatchet man
He's the hammer coming down
He doesn't give a damn
How many illegals are invading your town

Or if Black Panthers are standing
Out front with billy clubs in hand
He simply declares it not intimidation
And what he says stands

He walks by Acorn
He lets that whole thing go
Power and corruption
Hey where's my share

That's all he wants to know

11;15 am

transcribed this time
11;48 am


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neilsthepoet said...

A Mexican dump truck